Advanced Heart Disease - Failure is Not an Option

Advanced Heart Disease: Failure is not an option
Heart failure occurs when the heart cannot pump or fill with adequate blood, forcing the heart to work harder to deliver blood to the body. Also called congestive heart failure, pulmonary edema, fluid on the lungs or ventricular dysfunction. Read more

Meet Our Advanced Heart Disease Physician Team

The Advanced Heart Disease and Mechanical Circulatory Support team provides patient care primarily at Banner - University Medical Center Tucson. These physicians specialize in caring for patients with heart failure, particularly  people who experience persistent symptoms despite medical therapy. They also have expertise treating advanced heart disease patients with pulmonary hypertension, liver and kidney complications. Read more

Mechanical Devices Offer Quality of Life Time for Patients with Advanced Heart Disease

The focus of care in advanced heart failure is improving survival, but also quality of life. Medication is the first line of treatment, but when this fails, patients are often considered for heart transplant, the gold standard for treating end-stage heart failure. However, barriers, such as the shortage of donor organs, require heart-failure specialists to seek creative solutions. That’s where mechanical circulatory support technology can help many patients not just live longer, but live better, writes Dr. Jennifer Cook. Read more

Khadijah Breathett, MD, MSLet’s Increase Awareness of Health Disparities in Heart Failure

Heart failure disproportionately affects racial/ethnic minorities and women. Recognizing racial/ethnic and sex differences is the first step to overcome these disparities. Dr. Khadijah Breathett encourages a concerted effort by patients, providers, and the health system to ensure equitable health care to all. So let’s bridge this gap together! Read More

Patient Stories

View videos of patients who are part of the UA Sarver Heart Center and Banner University Medical Center - Tucson Mechanical Circulatory Support and Heart Transplant Programs.

Twins Emily and Chelsea not only share a birthday, they both received new hearts at Banner – University Medical Center. View video



After receiving a heart transplant at Banner – University Medical Center, Bob is back to doing what he loves. View video



Powerful Artificial Hearts
Dominic Alexander, senior clinical engineer in Banner - University Medical Center Tucson's Artificial Heart Department, delivers a TEDx talk on the power of the total artificial heart. Watch video


Avoid Heart Failure
From Stage A through D, don't pass Stage A! Read more

Do Your Part, Know Your Heart - Heart Failure Awareness Week 2018

Learn about heart failure, risk factors, diagnostics and managing this condition. Read more

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