Some Supporters Never Stop Giving - the Ermoians

The UA Sarver Heart Center extends heartfelt thanks to the numerous family and friends of Eddie Ermoian who contributed gifts to the Heart Center in his memory. Earlier this year, we sadly extended sympathies to Nancy Ermoian following the death of her husband, Eddie.

Nancy and Eddie served together as Sarver Heart Center volunteers for more than 12 years, helping to greet people and distribute educational materials during the Green Valley Lecture Series and inviting our physicians to educate their community in Sahuarita. In 2016, Eddie proved that he paid attention to Heart Center lectures as he responded quickly and flawlessly to save Nancy’s life when she suffered cardiac arrest while they were spending their summer in Boulder, Colo. At the time, Eddie recalled the beat of “Staying Alive” played in his head. He administered chest compressions until emergency responders arrived. Eddie was more than happy to share the story of how he saved his wife’s life. Please be inspired by this dedicated, spirited volunteer and visit the Learn CPR page for more information.

The Sarver Heart Center staff is grateful that Nancy is willing to continue volunteering by inviting our doctors for another lecture in Sahuarita and greeting people who will attend the upcoming Green Valley Lecture Series. (See Events page.)

“People support the Sarver Heart Center mission in so many ways,” said Nancy K. Sweitzer, MD, PhD, director of the UA Sarver Heart Center. “The Ermoians have given their time unselfishly for many years in addition to their own resources. It is inspiring when a family feels the Sarver Heart Center is deserving of precious memorial gifts.”