Molecular Cardiovascular Research Program

This very specific research focus narrows in on the way cells develop at the very smallest (or molecular) level. When the steps in the genetic development of cells are disturbed, disease often results. Research in this area focuses on identifying problems at the molecular level and developing tests and treatments for clinical diseases of the heart.

These scientists are discovering many new treatments that can be used clinically. Here is one example; MCRP researchers at the Sarver Heart Center are studying ways to treat heart failure (a condition in which the heart is weakened and is not contracting as it should) with a derivative of thyroid hormone, diodothyropropionic.

This talented group of scientist hopes to develop new treatments for heart failure and to improve the recovery of hearts after heart attacks. The MCRP researchers also provide training for a significant number of young physicians who can apply advances in molecular biology and genetics to the treatment of human disease.

For more information, please visit the Molecular Cardiovascular Research Program website.

MCRP Scientists in the News