William R. Roeske, MD

Personal Information
Professor of Cardiology and Pharmacology; Associate Chief for Finance, Section of Cardiology
(520) 626-6221

William R. Roeske, MD, is Professor of Medicine and Pharmacology and Assistant Chief for Finance in the Section of Cardiology. A native of Indiana, Dr. Roeske received his MD degree from Stanford Medical School. His post graduate medical training was at Case Western Reserve, and his fellowship training was at The University of California at San Diego.

Dr. Roeske's major research interests include non-invasive cardiology and receptor pharmacology. He was the first to demonstrate cardiac muscarinic receptors using radioligand binding techniques. This work has led to numerous publications, including the first demonstration of guanine regulation of the muscarinic receptors and participation of the G protein in the process. He has also extensively documented the correlation of the development of the beta adrenergic receptor and other post receptor mechanisms in the developing heart. He has shown alterations in the receptor types in hypertension and in heart failure. He was recipient of a Research Career Development Award from the NHLBI. As of 2011, he has authored 171 original papers, 71 reviews and book chapters, and 206 abstracts.

Dr. Roeske's current investigations include the molecular biology of adenylylcylase superactivation and delta opiod receptor regulation. He also is investigating drug mechanisms of chronic pain and addiction as part of a program project headed by Dr. Victor Hruby. He has an ongoing interest in the investigation of receptor mechanisms of cardiac hypertrophy and development. Five of his former basic science fellows and two of his former graduate students are on pharmacology faculty.

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