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Why should you learn Chest-Compression-Only CPR?

Every day nearly 1,000 people die from sudden cardiac arrest in the United States alone. By using the resources on this page, you can learn how to double a person’s chance of survival!

¿Porque debería aprender RCP?

Cada día cerca de 1,000 personas mueren a causa de un paro cardíaco repentino en los Estados Unidos solamente. Mediante el uso de los recursos en esta página, usted puede aprender cómo duplicar las posibilidades de supervivencia de una persona.

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Las 3 P's

Aprenda RCP (ppt file)

Video: Learn How Teen Used Chest-Compression-Only CPR to Save a Classmate's Life

Watch this 2-minute, 30-second video produced by the Gootter Foundation to learn how Erika Yee, a Girl Scout and University High School (Tucson) band member, used her knowledge to save classmate Chris Miller. Melissa Ludgate, a UA College of Medicine student, explains this lifesaving technique.

Video: Addressing CPR Disparities in the African-American Community

Wanda Moore, chair of the University of Arizona Sarver Heart Center Community Coalition for Heart Health Education for Women of Color, addresses minority concerns about responding in cases of sudden cardiac arrest -- a leading public health problem that affects minority populations disproportionately. Learn the three Cs of being a lifesaver -- Check, Call, Compress.

Video: Learn Chest-Compression-Only CPR

From Gordon A. Ewy, MD, and Karl B. Kern, MD, the University of Arizona research  physicians who pioneered this lifesaving technique



Video: How to use an AED

Video: Families & Survivors Tell Their Stories


Video: Learn CPR with Steve Kerr

The University of Arizona Men's Basketball Team's legendary 3-point shooter covers the 3 Cs of chest-compression-only CPR -- Check, Call, Compress

Video: First Responders Guide to Resuscitation


More Information:

What does Primary Cardiac Arrest Look Like?
Learn the signs so you'll know when to respond.

Gasping is a Sign of Cardiac Arrest
Gasping is not breathing--learn the difference!

Learn the 3 Cs: Check, Call, Compress

AED Information and Instructions
Understand how to spot and use an automated external defibrillator.

Frequently Asked Questions

Advances in Chest-Compression-Only CPR
Five years of data in Arizona show this method doubles a person's chance of survival.

Visit AZShare.gov to see the number of "saves" in Arizona to date.

Learn more about the UA Sarver Heart Center Resuscitation Research Group.

Learn CPR (ppt file)

Download a 3 Steps Chest-Compression-Only CPR Poster

Chest-Compresion-Only CPR Poster 11 x 17

Chest-Compression-Only CPR Flyer 8.5 x 11

In the News:
Statewide Study in Arizona Published in JAMA Show Chest-Compression-Only CPR Improves Survival

... in Arizona Published in JAMA Show Chest-Compression-Only CPR Improves Survival ... CPR was performed,” said Gordon A. Ewy, MD, senior author and UA Sarver Heart Center director.   The UA ...

UA Physician: Randomized Clinical Trials May Not be the Best Strategy for Improving Survival From Cardiac Arrest

... process also could be used to advance resuscitation research. That is the argument proposed in an editorial titled “Cardiac ... and cardiac output during cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) by increasing the degree of negative intrathoracic pressure. In both ...