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Message from the Director and Chief: Innovating. Lifesaving. Patient Care.

With expansion of programs in research and clinical care, the UA Sarver Heart Center has made significant progress at the two-year mark on the Center's 10-year vision, developed at the end of 2015 to focus on the five priority areas: Advanced Heart Disease and Heart Transplant Program, Sudden Cardiac Arrest and Resuscitation, Precision Cardiovascular Therapy, Cardiovascular Health and Wellness, and Health Disparities. Read Dr. Nancy Sweitzer's update.

The Sarver Heart Center emphasizes a highly interdisciplinary research environment fostering innovative translational or "bench-to-bedside" research. Working toward a future free of cardiovascular disease and stroke, the center's more than 135 scientist and physician members collaborate with the goal of applying new findings from the basic sciences to the clinical arena as quickly as possible. Faculty members contribute to the Center's three academic pillars: research, education and patient care.

To learn more about Tucson, the University of Arizona and Sarver Heart Center, watch the three-minute video: "Welcome to the UA Sarver Heart Center."

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