Community Partner Updates




Wanda F. Moore received the Governor’s Volunteer Services Award in April. Wanda serves as a member of the Sarver Heart Center Advisory Board, Women’s Heart Health Education Committee, and chairs its Community Coalition for Heart Health Education for Women of Color (CCHHE). Through her dedicated leadership, thousands of people in Arizona, particularly in African-, Native- and Hispanic-American communities, are more aware of their heart disease risk and overall health. Wanda also produced a video to educate people about CPR disparities in African-American communities (visit to view it). The CCHHE has taught chest-compression only CPR to more than 2,400 people in Arizona. “Wanda shares her passion to make a difference in the health of minority communities by building connections between those communities, corporations, and our physicians and scientists,” said Nancy K. Sweitzer, MD, PhD, director of the UA Sarver Heart Center. (Pictured from left: Nancy K. Sweitzer, MD, PhD, Lori Mackstaller, MD, Darrell Bakeman, Wanda Moore, Aubra Gaston and Cheryl Alli.)


The Steven M. Gootter Foundation presented six automated external defibrillators (AEDs) to the Marana Police Department, 50 AEDs to the Tucson Police Department and 26 to the Pima County Sheriff’s Department during the past several months. “Police officers are often first on the scene when a cardiac event is reported. Although one can never predict when and where a sudden cardiac event will occur, by placing AEDs in patrol cars with officers who have been trained on how to use these devices, there is a greater chance the sudden cardiac arrest victim can be saved,” said Andrew Messing, president of the Gootter Foundation and Sarver Heart Center advisory board member. (Pictured from left: Marana Police Chief Terry Rozema, Marana Sgt. Chris Warren, Claudine Messing, Andrew Messing, Paulette Gootter, Joe Gootter, Joyce Barkley, and Marana Sgt. Steve Johnson.)


Terence Valenzuela, MD (left), UA emergency medicine professor and medical director for the Tucson Fire Department, presented a $5,000 check to University Emergency Medical Services students, the winners of the Tucson HeartMap Challenge AED scavenger hunt. The University EMS 48-member group discovered 182 AEDs during the scavenger hunt in September. The aim was to raise awareness about AEDs and create a database of all AED locations in Pima County. The University EMS group regularly volunteers at Sarver Heart Center to teach chest-compression only CPR to community and UA campus groups and do blood-pressure screenings at outreach programs. They plan to use the $5,000 to support their club activities. Also pictured: University EMS leaders and Sarver Heart Center volunteers Matt Darrow (center) and Joey Menke.


Celebrating 10 Years of Focusing on Women and Heart Disease – The Sarver Heart Center Women’s Heart Health Education Committee is celebrating 10 years of education and research focused on women and heart disease. Wanda F. Moore (left), chair of the Minority Outreach Program, and Mary Anne Fay, chair of the women’s committee, prepare to cut a celebratory cake following the committee meeting in September.