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Do Your Part, Know Your Heart - Heart Failure Awareness Week 2017

About 5.7 million people in the United States have heart failure, a condition that develops following damage to the heart from a heart attack, long-term high blood pressure, or an abnormality of a heart valve. The weakened heart must work harder to keep up with the demands of the body. The UA Sarver Heart Center Advanced Heart Disease physicians teamed up with the Heart Failure Society of America during Heart Failure Awareness Week to educate our community. Read More

Failure is Not an Option

People with heart failure can live normal lives with good medical care. Learn about heart failure, risk factors, diagnostics and managing this condition. Read More


Meet the Sarver Heart Center Advanced Heart Disease Team

The Advanced Heart Disease and Mechanical Circulatory Support team provides patient care primarily at Banner - University Medical Center Tucson. These physicians specialize in caring for patients with heart failure, particularly people who experience persistent symptoms despite medical therapy. Read More

Mentoring the Next Generation of Award-winning Physician Scientists

Imagine you are a "typical" patient with heart failure and you take six to eight medications to control your condition. What if your doctor could enter some of your diagnostic data into a software program and learn which drugs are safest for you and which may be toxic to your heart? That's the vision of Ikeotunye (Ike) Royal Chinyere, a University of Arizona senior in honors physiology who works as a cardiac electrophysiology research specialist at Sarver Heart Center under the mentorship of Elizabeth Juneman, MD, and Steven Goldman, MD. Read More

Mark Your Calendars for Upcoming Community Lectures

Join Sarver Heart Center faculty for upcoming community lectures in Tucson. Mark your calendar for March 15: "Tracking Your Health with Wearable Technology: A Look at What's on the Drawing Board," presented by Marvin J. Slepian, MD, and David Armstrong, DPM, MD, PhD. (This lecture also will be presented in Green Valley on March 16.)
April 19: "Sleeping for Peak Performance and Your Heart"
May 17: "Right Treatment, Right Person, Right Time: Progress in Precision Cardiovascular Care at the Sarver Heart Center." Read More

Want to Participate in Clinical Research?

Patient care advances rely on good clinical research. Please complete a Cardiology Research Registry Information Form to learn about new clinical research studies for which you may be eligible. Read More

For more health information, please visit our Heart Health page.
For physician appointment information, please call 520-MyHeart (694-3278).

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