Sarver Heart Center Winter 2016-2017

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30 Years of Progress: Building On A Proud History 

Today, heart failure affects about 5 million people in the United States and about 250,000 people die each year from this condition.

Heart transplants, artificial heart pumps, specialized pacemakers and new and better drugs are making a difference. What was the end of line a few years ago now isn’t.  read more

Note From The Director 

Celebrating Sarver Heart Center's 30th anniversary Dr. Nancy Sweitzer notes:

-The more we understand how disease manifests in individuals, the more clinicians and scientists can collaborate to develop interventions that positively impact the course of human disease

- We can only imagine how far this game-changing advance will take us in the next 30 years.  read more

Member Updates

Sarver Heart Center members presented at national and international conferences. read more 

Echocardiography Accreditation 

Congratulations to the team that has been re-accredited, indicating that the center Is engaged in maintaining the highest more

Medical Leaders 

Sarver Heart Center members, along with affiliated organizations, were awarded by the Tucson local media. Out of 20 categories five awards were received by members. read more

Investigator Awards

The Investigator Awards program is a unique and special feature of membership in the Sarver Heart Center, and is one of a number of factors that enables us to recruit and retain the most talented cardiovascular scientists to the University of Arizona. read more 

Dedicated Supporter Gives Her All: Mary Anne Fay 

Mary Anne Fay has dedicated more than a decade to Sarver Heart Center. Providing support for the investigation of heart disease in woman from diverse ethnic backgrounds, she has worked to educate thousands of women about their own cardiovascular risk factors. read more


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