Press Releases

TOPCAT Trial Tests Possible Treatment for Patients with Heart Failure and Preserved Heart Pump Function
Nancy K. Sweitzer, MD, PhD, director of the University of Arizona Sarver Heart Center and chief of the Division of Cardiology at the UA College of Medicine – Tucson serves on the TOPCAT executive committee.
Endowed Chair Fulfills Dream of Congenital Heart Disease Program for Adults
A generation ago, adult cardiologists had little need to study congenital heart disease. Few children born with these heart conditions lived to adult age. Great advances have been made during the past few decades in caring for children with major structural heart issues (congenital heart diseases), allowing survival to adulthood and a productive life. Today, more adults are living with congenital heart disease than children with these conditions. This endowed chair provides an opportunity to make important strides toward fulfilling a dream of building a comprehensive adult congenital cardiology program for southern Arizona.
Patient Receives Trans Aortic Valve Replacement in an Already-Replaced Heart Valve at Age 96
Robert Lawrence underwent placement of a new valve into his already-replaced valve through a tiny groin incision. “This is the first time a TAVR inside a replaced valve was done in Southern Arizona,” says Kapil Lotun, MD, an associate professor of medicine and director of the Structural Heart Disease Program and Vascular Medicine in Cardiology at the UA College of Medicine – Tucson.
UA Nursing Professor Leslie Ritter Inducted as a Fellow of the American Heart Association
Dr. Ritter investigates ways to decrease inflammatory damage to the brain after stroke, especially in people with conditions that may worsen inflammation, such as diabetes.
Dr. Nancy K. Sweitzer Named Head of University of Arizona Sarver Heart Center and Division of Cardiology
Nancy K. Sweitzer, MD, PhD, a board-certified advanced heart failure and transplant cardiologist and physiologist, will become director of the University of Arizona Sarver Heart Center and chief of the Division of Cardiology in the UA College of Medicine, Department of Medicine, effective March 1, 2014.
NIH Awards Dr. Frank Marcus $1.4 Million to Study Genetics, Mechanisms and Phenotypes of Arrhythmogenic Cardiomyopathies
The study seeks a better understanding of newly diagnosed arrhythmogenic right ventricular cardiomyopathy (ARVC) – a significant cause of death in people under age 35 – and progression of clinical characteristics.
Heart Surgeon Zain Khalpey Appointed to UA Sarver Heart Center’s Tony A. Marnell, Sr. Endowed Chair for Research in Cardiac Surgery
Dr. Khalpey’s research focuses on organogenesis (the formation and development of organs), organ preservation and tissue regeneration.
Gregorio Named Interim Director of the UA Sarver Heart Center
“Dr. Gregorio is a great leader to bring the UA Sarver Heart Center through this time of transition as we work to conclude the national search for Dr. Ewy’s successor,” said Steve Goldschmid, MD, dean of the UA College of Medicine - Tucson.
Dr. Hendrikus L. Granzier, PhD, Awarded $1.5 million Grant to Study Role of Titin in Heart Function and Disease
The Granzier team at University of Arizona College of Medicine – Tucson will study the role of titin during the diastolic or filling of the heart during infant development and in adults. Titin works like a molecular sized spring that recoils and causes the cardiac muscle to relax.
University of Arizona Sarver Heart Members Honored by Community Organizations
Drs. Marcus recognized for lifetime acheivement by Pima County Medical Foundation; Dr. Sethi selected as Pima County Medical Society Physician of the Year for 2012; Dr. Mackstaller received inaugural “Community Impact Award” from Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., Tucson Alumnae Chapter