Newsletters 2002 - 2010

Winter 2010 (Issue 59)
Fall 2010 (Issue 58)
Spring 2010 (Issue 57)
  • Gift Makes Women's Heart Clinic Possible [download PDF]
  • The Greatest Gift a Mother Could Get [download PDF]
  • 'H' is for Heart Disease in Women [download PDF]
  • African American Women Face the Highest Risk of Cardiovascular Disease [download PDF]
  • Sarver Members Studies Presented at American College of Cardiology Shows Equality in Grafts for Bypass Patients [download PDF]
  • Raising Minority Awareness and Funds for Research [download PDF]
  • Young Investigator studies Peripheral Arterial Disease in Women of Different Races [download PDF]
  • Honoring a Tradition of Giving Back [download PDF]
  • Lowering the risk of Stroke in Women [download PDF]
Winter 2009 (Issue 56)
  • The New CPR: The public has made up its mind
  • Bystanders in Arizona save more lives with Chest-Compression-Only CPR
  • Quick action and Chest-Compression-Only CPR save life 14-year-old boy
  • The power of generosity and enthusiasm: Prescott gift propels cardiovascular research at the Sarver Heart Center

[download pdf 3.6 MB]

Fall 2009 (Issue 55)
  • Aiden Abidov, MD, named to the C. Leonard Pfeiffer Chair in Cardiology
  • How endowments advance heart disease research
  • Saving lives for 30 years: UMC's heart transplant program
  • Making high schools safer places: Gootter Foundation donates defibrillators
  • Research off the beating patch: 'Look! It's moving!'

[download pdf 973 kb]

Summer 2009 (Issue 54)
  • Lori Mackstaller, MD, receives lectureship to advance heart health for women
  • Conquering Sudden Cardiac Arrest: The Steven M. Gootter Foundation
  • In Memoriam: Rubin Bressler, MD
  • UMC Cardiology ranked #1 in the nation for low mortality
  • The ABC's of Heart Disease: G is for Genes

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Winter 2008 (Issue 53)
  • Tom and Sabina Sullivan establish comprehensive heart failure program at the Sarver Heart Center
  • Philanthropy with an impact: Stories from our donors
  • The man without a pulse: A tiny turbine keeps the blood flowing and patients alive
  • Researching a cure for heart failure

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Fall 2008 (Issue 52)
  • Restarting the Heart: How the Sarver Heart Center strengthens the  
  • Chain of Survival
  • Making headway in the prevention of sudden cardiac death
  • In memoriam, the Honorable John Molloy

[download pdf 1.3 MB]

Spring 2008 (Issue 51)
  • The Peter Ott, MD Endowed Chair of Electrophysiology
  • Stroke: What You Need to Know
  • Outliving Three Pacemakers-in Style
  • One of the Sarver Heart Center's first patients remembers her husband
  • American Heart Association Approves Hands-Only CPR

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Winter 2007/08 (Issue 50)
  • 2007 Founders Day: Sarver Heart Center Director Gordon A. Ewy, MD remembers the early days at the UA College of Medicine
  • A cardiac arrest survivor learns CPR from the firefighters who saved him
  • Resuscitating CPR worldwide: The places our researchers and doctors go
  • Charitable gift annuities: Support the Sarver Heart Center and generate income at the same time

[download pdf 930 kb]

Fall 2007 (Issue 49)
  • The Fight Against Heart Disease in Women: Flexing our Muscles
  • What Newsweek Has to Say About "Sarver CPR"
  • UMC Heart Surgeons Rescue Shooting Victim During Lunch Break
  • Sarver Researchers Discover Link Between Obesity and Enlarged Heart
  • Gift in Honor of Son Jumpstarts Diabetes Program at the UA

[download pdf 2.2 MB]

Spring 2007 (Issue 48)
  • Study proves Chest-Compression-Only CPR is better for cardiac arrest
  • The heart transplant that missed its flight
  • Pictures from HEALTHY HEART 2007
  • Robert Reininger: Adventurer, Artist, Philanthropist
  • National Geographic highlights Artificial Heart

[download pdf 1.4 MB]

Winter 2006/07 (Issue 47)
  • Endowed chair for heart failure prevention and treatment
  • "F" is for Failure - Heart Failure
  • The silent killer: Malignant hypertension
  • Bench-to-bedside research at the Sarver Heart Center
  • Dr. Copeland receives award from Mended Hearts Association

[download pdf 1.1 MB]

Fall 2006 (Issue 46)
  • Jack Copeland, MD Opens New Chapter in Heart-Failure Treatment
  • Paramedics Save More Lives When They Don't Follow the Rules
  • Charitable Gift Annuity: How it Works
  • Best Doctors in America - at Sarver
  • Best Hospitals: UMC Heart Care Top 3 for Low Mortality Rates

[download pdf 1.7 MB]

Spring 2006 (Issue 45)
  • Endowed Chair for Heart Disease in Women Research
  • "E" is for Exercise: The Health Benefits of Physical Activity
  • Jim and Linda Lee Support Research at the Sarver Heart Center
  • Heart Disease in Women: Unlocking the Molecular Mysteries
  • The Marcus Visiting Professorship

[download pdf 1.5 MB]

Winter 2005/06 (Issue 44)
  • Endowed Chair in Electrophysiology for Julia H. Indik, MD, PhD
  • Chest-Compression-Only CPR is Spreading
  • Steven M. Gootter Sudden Cardiac Death Research Award
  • "D" is for Diabetes
  • New Investigations in Heart Failure

[download pdf 598 kb]

Fall 2005 (Issue 43)
  • Endowed Chair in Stroke Research for Bruce M. Coull, MD
  • Heart Failure in Women
  • "D" is for Diet
  • Stroke - Like a Heart Attack in the Brain

[download pdf 813 kb]

Summer 2005 (Issue 42)
  • CardioWest Total Artificial Heart Named top Research Advance
  • Stroke Prevention: Stents vs. Surgery
  • Biventricular Pacing: A New Cure for Heart Failure
  • Implantable Cardiac Defibrillators
  • "C" is for Cholesterol
  • The Walter and Vinnie Hinz Endowment

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Fall 2004 (Issue 40)
  • Focus on Heart Failure
  • The New CPR attracts international attention
  • Family Philanthropy: Joseph and Margaret Pruitt
  • "B" is for Blood Pressure
  • A passion for health education: Mort and Lorain Zimmerman

[download pdf 814 kb]

Winter 2004 (Issue 39)
  • The New CPR
  • Celebrating The Jack G. Copeland, MD, Endowed Chair of Cardiothoracic Surgery
  • UMC Patient is Youngest to Get Total Artificial Heart
  • "A" is for Antiplatelet Therapy

[download pdf 322 kb]

Fall 2003 (Issue 38)
  • McDonagh Named to Endowed Chair
  • All You Need to Know About Heart Failure
  • A New Way to do CPR
  • A Look at Two Common Misconceptions: Coughing During a Heart Attack and Aspirin vs. Ibuprofen
  • Cardiomyopathy

[download pdf 1.64 MB]

Spring 2003 (Issue 37)
  • The Jack G. Copeland, MD, Endowed Chair of Cardiothoracic Surgery
  • Achievements, Milestones and Firsts
  • New Device Fixes Heart Defect Without Surgery
  • CRP: C-reactive protein
  • Dr. Woosley Earns Grant to Study Drug Interactions
  • Student Explores Role of Collagen in Aging Heart

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Winter 2002 (Issue 36)
  • Picture This: Improving How Doctors See the Heart
  • Researchers Get $3.6M to Study Heart Failure Drug
  • Choosing a Cookbook: Look for sound dietary advice, avoid fads
  • SHC Doctors Speak in Sierra Vista and Yuma
  • The Deadly Quartet: The New Cardiovascular Risk Factor
  • Memorial Fund Helps Pave Way to Major Grant

[download pdf 1.03 MB]

Fall 2002 (Issue 35)
  • Should We Pay for Donor Organs?
  • The Truth About Body Scans
  • Diet Books - Waist Aids or Wasted Aides?
  • To Prevent Heart Disease ... Know Your Numbers
  • Cath Lab Marks 20 Years of Safety, Success
  • Transplant Teaches Lesson in Partnerships

[download pdf 645 kb]