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Of course, the newly graduated cardiologists were joined by proud Sarver Heart Center staff.

After completing their cardiology fellowship, Gundeep Singh, MD; Rahan Bhatt, MD; Jooby John, MD; and Robert Attaran, MD, enjoyed a celebration dinner at the top of Tucson.

Cardiovascular Disease Program Fellows, Class of 2017, from left: Satinder Singh, MD, Ily Kristine T. Yumul, MD, Julia Indik, MD, PhD, fellowships program director, Rostam Khoubyari, MD, Kahroba Jahan, MD, Jaskanwal, Bisla, MD.




Inventional Cardiology Fellows, Class of 2017, from left: Karl B. Kern, MD, professor of medicine, Jagdesh Kandala, MD, Clint Oommen, MD, and Huu Tam Truong, MD, assistant professof of medicine.

Clint Oommen's family and friends.

Kristine Yumul's family and friends.

Mark Friedman, MD, receives a Best Fellowship Mentor Award, presented by Satinder Singh, MD.

Jaskanwal Bisla, MD, presents Best Teaching Faculty Award to Barry Karas, MD.

Mark Friedman, MD, received a faculty award for Best Clinical Faculty; pictured with Rostam Khoubyari, MD.

Nancy K. Sweitzer, MD, PhD, received the Best Lecturer Faculty Award from Ily Kristine Yumul, MD.

Best Attendings to be On Call with: Kahroba Jahan, MD (center), presented to Ranjith Shetty, MD (left), and Karl B. Kern, MD.

Cardiovascular Disease Fellows presented certificates of appreciation to Karl B. Kern, MD, and Mark Friedman, MD.

Madhan Sundaram, MD (left), and Huu Tam Truong, MD, presented the Southern Arizona VA Medical Center’s VA Cardiology Fellow of the Year Award to Ily Kristine Yumul-Non, MD (center).

Kahroba Jahan, MD

Elizabeth Juneman, MD

McKenzie Meza

Khadijah Breathett, MD, MS

Khadijah Breathett, MD, MS

Wanda F. Moore

Mary Anne Fay, Dr. Gordon Ewy, Dr. Nancy Sweitzer

Dr. Gordon Ewy

Mary Anne Fay, Priscilla and Gordon Ewy, MD

Barbara and Khadijah Breathett, MD, MS

Lori Mackstaller, MD, and Gordon Ewy, MD

Mary Anne Fay, Gordon Ewy, MD, and Nancy Sweitzer, MD, Phd

Nancy Sweitzer, MD, PhD

Jerry and Nadia Cannella, Chery House

Jason Toone, Mari Vayre, Lori Mackstaller, Gordon and Priscilla Ewy

Debbie Young and Linda Covington

Dr. Elizabeth Juneman and McKenzie Meza

Elizabeth Juneman, Nancy Sweitzer and Khadijah Breathett

Aubra and Doug Gaston, Khadijah Breathett, MD, MS

Beverely Elliott, Marilyn Robinson, Jenn Bunger

Never too young to learn about women's heart health.