ARVC/D Information for Physicians

Arrhythmogenic ventricular cardiomyopathies (AVCs) are clinically and genetically heterogeneous heart muscle disorders characterized by frequent, often life-threatening arrhythmias that typically precede structural remodeling of the myocardium or clinical evidence of heart failure. These are familial diseases but despite progress in identifying various genetic causes, the majority of cases have no known specific cause or mechanism. AVCs include arrhythmogenic right ventricle (RV)cardiomyopathy (ARVC), arrhythmogenic left ventricle (LV) cardiomyopathy (ALVC), and a group of arrhythmogenic dilated cardiomyopathies (aDCM).

For ARVC/D research information, please contact:

Trina Hughes, CCRP, clinical coordinator, 520-626-0968 or