Sarver Heart Center Women's Heart Health Education Committee

Heart disease is the leading cause of death for both women and men in the United States.

The mission of the Sarver Heart Center Women's Heart Health Education Committee is to reduce heart and vascular disease in women through education, patient care and research.  

The goals of the Committee are to:

1) Increase women's and their medical care professionals' awareness of heart disease in women through all avenues possible but not limited to: outreach presentations, workshops, media coverage and digital media.

2) Fund investigator awards and research endowments to study heart disease in women.

For information on upcoming activities or membership in the Sarver Heart Center Women's Heart Health Education Committee, please email or call Jennifer Bunger at 626-2901.

Minority Outreach Program

Wanda F. Moore, a Sarver Heart Center board and women's committee member launched the Minority Outreach Program in 2009. Under Wanda's leadership, Minority Outreach Program volunteers collaborate with organizations that comprise the Community Coalition for Heart Health Education (CCHHE) to teach chest-compression-only CPR mostly to minority populations and share heart health education information. They invite Sarver Heart Center faculty physicians and other members to community centers, churches, health fairs, homes, wherever people gather, to educate the community about heart disease prevention, symptoms and treatments.

The Heart of Women's Health Luncheon, Nov. 3, 2017

About 175 people joined the Women's Committee and Sarver Heart Center faculty to learn about heart disease, the leading cause of death among women (and men) in the United States. See our photo gallery.

Celebrating 12 Years of Service and a New Leadership Team













                                           On September 20, 2016, Mary Anne Fay stepped down as Chair of the Women's Heart Health Education Committee after 12 years of distinguished service. She congratulated the new leadership team of Kathleen Wishnick, Chair; Shirley Cox, Vice Chair; Bobbe Dexter, Advisor, and Wanda F. Moore, continuing Chair of the Minority Outreach Committee.