The Sarver Heart Center was built literally on the foundation set by generous donors who are committed to our mission.  Whether you can contribute your time, talent or treasures, we invite you to explore the many ways to support the Center. Please complete this form to donate online: Sarver Heart Center

Innovating. Lifesaving. Patient Care

As a center dedicated to research and education in cardiovascular disease, we are committed to innovating life-saving patient care. The lives saved are in large part due to your support and we continue to feel awe and gratitude for all our generous supporters. Our faculty are pursuing some of the most innovative advancements in heart disease, and our physicians in training and graduate students are studying to become the specialists and researchers of tomorrow. Most importantly, we are treating thousands of people in our community and creating hope for a future free of heart disease and stroke.

Thanks to you, we’ve made great strides in heart disease research and treatment, but much work remains. It is through your efforts that we have come this far and will be able to accomplish great things as we continue to move forward.

Our 10-year vision focuses on revitalizing our patient care, research, and education missions within five areas:

  1. Advanced Heart Disease, including heart failure, mechanical circulatory support, pulmonary hypertension and heart transplant. Among the 8 million patients with advanced heart disease, we are touched by a father of three whose heart had been ravaged by rheumatic fever, kept alive by our team using the total artificial heart until a donor heart became available.
  2. Sudden Cardiac Arrest and Resuscitation. Since Dr. Gordon Ewy first championed chest-compression-only CPR more than 10 years ago, about 3,800 lives have been saved in Arizona. This includes the life of a retired UA faculty member survived because his neighbor had learned how to respond in case of sudden cardiac arrest, and started immediate chest-compression-only CPR. Once again, we were reminded of the impact of our combined missions of research and community education.
  3. Precision Cardiovascular Therapies. Imagine if the pills you took for heart disease were designed for you personally!  As an advanced heart disease cardiologist, I treat most of my heart failure patients with six or more medicines, all proven to help most people with this disease.  We are working to better understand disease variation between people in order to individualize and simplify treatment of complex heart diseases.
  4. Cardiovascular Health and Wellness. We are working toward making Tucson a destination for cardiovascular disease prevention and discoveries. By using big data resources available from Banner and collaborating with other university and community entities, we’ll learn more to help each individual find the path to optimal cardiovascular wellness.
  5. Health Disparities. Heart disease affects women differently and minorities and older persons disproportionately. We know we can refine treatment to improve outcomes in those groups.  We look to lead the research that must be done.

Please help us achieve this exciting vision.  With your support, Sarver Heart Center physicians and scientists are combining knowledge and skills to find improved, targeted treatments for individual patients and populations. Generous donors like you have allowed us to achieve substantial progress. Together, we will keep our focus on advancing cardiovascular patient care. Please make your gift today!

If something in the vision strikes a chord with you, please reach out to us so we can more fully develop areas of mutual interest and engage you in supporting this important effort. 


Nancy K. Sweitzer, MD, PhD
Director, University of Arizona Sarver Heart Center
Chief of Cardiology and Professor of Medicine,
University of Arizona College of Medicine - Tucson

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