Ann L. Baldwin, PhD

Professor, Physiology - (Educator Scholar Track)

Dr. Baldwin quantitatively evaluates the effectiveness of methods used to reduce mental and emotional stress, focusing on heart rate variability and peripheral blood flow as outcome parameters for autonomic function. Her studies include the use of horse-human interactions, Reiki, music, laughter yoga and heart focused breathing. She leads one of the few research teams in the world that studies synchronous changes in heart rate variability of horse-human pairs to determine whether physiological information is being transferred between species. Dr. Baldwin also serves as Research Coordinator for the Center of Reiki Research and maintains its curated webpage of peer-reviewed, published, scientific research studies involving Reiki.


  • 1975 BSc Physics Honours - University of Bristol, UK
  • 1976 MSc Radiation Physics - University of London
  • 1979 PhD Physiology - Imperial College, University of London
  • 1981 Post-Doctoral Physicans & Surgeons - Columbia University - New York

Publication Highlights

Reiki in Clinical Practice. A Science-Based Guide” by Ann Baldwin, published by Handspring Publishing, UK,February 2020. ISBN13: 978-1-912085-36-1. Extent: 196 pages. Illustrations: about 90 drawings andphotographs

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