Khurram Butt, MBBS

Fellow, Cardiovascular Disease, 2022-2025

Khurram Butt, MBBS grew up and completed medical school in Lahore, Pakistan. In 2016, he moved to the United States for Internal medicine residency at Advent Health in Orlando, Florida.  During residency, he developed a keen interest in cardiovascular medicine and was involved in various scholarly activities related to the field. After completing residency, he moved to Tucson and worked in hospital medicine at the University of Arizona. One of the things he has really come to love about Arizona is the ability to participate in outdoor activities 365 days a year. He loves to play tennis, bike, hike and take my dog Romeo on long walks.

He hopes to pursue a career in cardiac electrophysiology and treat patients with simple and complex arrhythmic disorders. I am interested in continuing to make education and research a part of my practice.
Since moving to the United States, he has picked up several outdoor hobbies and would like to continue learning skiing and mountain biking. He would like to learn a new language and travel the world to experience new cultures.