Maria I. Altbach, PhD

MI Executive Committee Member
Vice Chair of Research
Professor, Medical Imaging
Professor, Biomedical Engineering

Dr. Altbach's research group is focused on the development of novel magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) techniques for improving the diagnosis of disease. Our group develops novel acquisition and reconstruction strategies and in close collaboration with clinicians to develop better and more efficient techniques aimed improving the diagnosis of heart disease and cancer. One of the major goals is to be able to derive parameters for the quantification of disease from data acquired within the time constraints of a clinical MRI examination. The idea is to complement the current qualitative-approach of clinical radiology with a quantitative or "parametric" approach. This should not only improve the accuracy in diagnosis but it should also allow radiologists to interpret data faster. One of the major goals is to develop acquisition and reconstructions strategies that can yield quantitative parameters for the characterization of disease.

PhD: Louisiana State University, 1988