Sanjay Polisetty, MBBS

Fellow, Cardiovascular Disease, 2022-2025

Sanjay Polisetty, MBBS was born and raised on the coast of South India, barely a mile from the ocean. After completing medical school in the same city, he was fortunate to secure a residency spot and moved to the Wild West as an Internal Medicine Resident at the University of Arizona South Campus. Dr. Polisetty said it was a thoroughly enjoyable experience while also providing him the opportunity to explore his interest in cardiovascular disease and engage in productive clinical research. Tucson has been a fantastic place to live and deciding to stay for fellowship has been among the easiest decisions of his life. 

In the vast cardiology world, his interests lie in the procedural realm, focusing on critically ill patients and advanced mechanical circulatory support. The happiest part of his day is talking to patients, getting to know more about their respective lives and perspectives, and working towards being a team and goal concordant care. He hopes to develop a busy and flourishing practice and help as many patients as possible, preferably somewhere not too far from the mountains and water. 

When not a trainee cardiologist, Dr. Polisetty enjoys exploring the mountain ranges of Arizona, Utah, and Colorado. He has spent some time backpacking in Montana and would love to explore more of it. His brother and he are certified divers, with their reunions typically happening 100-feet underwater. Bodybuilding and Powerlifting are disciplines dear to his heart, and training in the gym with specific goals has helped him relax and feel purposeful through the years. 


Fun Facts about him: 
  • He will eat anything which walks, swims, and flies 
  • He has encountered an equal number of bears and snakes in my travels thus far 
  • He believes everyone should own a pair of cowboy boots and a hat
Career Goals:
Interventional Cardiology, Cardiac Critical Care
Personal Goals:
  • Hike the top 5 tallest peaks of Arizona
  • Enter the 1000lb powerlifting club
  • Backpack through 10 national parks in the next 5 years
Andhra Medical College, India, 2018
Internal Medicine, University of Arizona College of Medicine - Tucson South Campus