Taben M. Hale, PhD

Professor, Tenure - Basic Medical Sciences
Professor, Tenure - Internal Medicine
Interim Chair - Basic Medical Sciences Faculty
Basic Medical Sciences; Internal Medicine; Basic Medical Sciences


  • Postdoctoral Fellowship: Cardiovascular Pharmacology/Physiology, Université de Montréal, 2008
  • PhD: Pharmacology, Queen's University, 2003


  • D'Lugos AC, Fry CS, Ormsby JC, Sweeney KR, Brightwell CR, Hale TM, Gonzales RJ, Angadi SS, Carroll CC & Dickinson JM (2019). Chronic doxorubicin administration impacts satellite cell and capillary abundance in a muscle-specific manner. Physiol Rep. Vol. 7(7), e14052., 04/2019 - Article, Refereed Journal -
  • Willeman MN, Chawla MK, Zempare MA, Biwer LA, Hoang LT, Uprety AR, Fitzhugh MC, De Both M, Coleman PD, Trouard TP, Alexander GE, Mitchell KD, Barnes CA, Hale TM & Huentelman M (2019). Gradual hypertension induction in middle-aged Cyp1a1-Ren2 transgenic rats produces significant impairments in spatial learning. Physiol Rep. Vol. 7(6), e14010., 03/2019 - Article, Refereed Journal -
  • Hale TM & Lindsey ML (2019). Connecting the Dots for Connective Tissue Growth Factor Roles in Cardiac Wound Healing After Myocardial Infarction. JACC-Basic Transl Sci. Vol. 4(1), 95-97., 02/25/2019 - Article, Refereed Journal -
  • Hale TM, Jethwani K, Kandola MS, Saldana F & Kvedar JC (2019). Corrigendum and Editorial Warning Regarding Use of the MMAS-8 Scale (A Remote Medication Monitoring System for Chronic Heart Failure Patients to Reduce Readmissions: A Two-Arm Randomized Pilot Study). J Med Internet Res. Vol. 21(2), e13125., 02/05/2019 - Article, Refereed Journal -
  • Gracey LE, Zan S, Gracz J, Miner JJ, Moreau JF, Sperber J, Jethwani K, Hale TM & Kvedar JC (2018). Use of user-centered design to create a smartphone application for patient-reported outcomes in atopic dermatitis. NPJ Digit Med. Vol. 1, 33., 08/2018 - Article, Refereed Journal -

Research Interests


  • Prenatal Stress
  • Fibrosis
  • Fibroblasts
  • Cardiovascular Pharmacology
  • Autonomic Function
  • Autonomic Dysfunction
  • Hypertension

The Hale lab investigates the mechanisms involved in the pathological remodeling of the heart, vasculature and erectile tissue that underlie heart failure and sexual dysfunction. In addition, we are examining the role that prenatal stress plays in predisposing individuals to cardiovascular disease and sexual dysfunction in adulthood. The long-term goal of our work is to develop novel therapeutic strategies for the treatment of these two conditions.

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