Basic/Translational Cardiovascular Research Program

The Molecular Cardiovascular Research Program (MCRP) in the University of Arizona College of Medicine – Tucson is an integral part of the UA Sarver Heart Center. Here world-renowned researchers are focused on discovering the underlying biological and molecular mechanisms of heart and lung development and function, heart disease, and other malfunctions of the cardiovascular system.

Basic scientists in the MCRP emphasize translational research in collaboration with clinical faculty members of the Sarver Heart Center. In this model, the basic science and clinical teams operate along a two-way bridge between basic science discovery from the laboratory and clinical improvements identified in patient-care settings.  “We go from bench to bedside and back to bench,” said Carol Gregorio, PhD, director of the MCRP. The ultimate goal is transformative clinical advances in the treatment and prevention of heart and cardiovascular disease. 

Members of the MCRP are in a unique position to collaborate due to their related research interests, proximity of colleagues and the presence of shared equipment and resources in the Medical Research Building.  The group also integrates with the strengths of the broader research environment at the University of Arizona, including the more than 150 basic scientists and clinicians in the Sarver Heart Center whose focus is cardiovascular disease, the wide-array of scientists in the adjacent BIO5 Institute, and colleagues and resources in the other focused themes located on the UA Health Sciences Campus.

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Principal Investigators include: