Volunteers Spread Life-Saving CPR Training Plus Other Heart Health Information

How do you teach about 52,000 people chest-compression-only CPR in Southern Arizona over the course of a decade? With volunteer support, of course. While Sarver Heart Center volunteers primarily focus on teaching chest-compression-only CPR in the community with resources in English, Spanish and American Sign Language, they also share heart health information and encourage people to participate in the Cardiology Research Regsistry. Additionally, programs such as the Women's Heart Health Education Committee Lunch & Learn or Green Valley Lectures would not be possible without support from our volunteers. 

Our volunteer collaborators include the Steven M. Gootter Foundation, Minority Outreach Program, University of Arizona undergraduate students, medical students and individuals who want to help their communities. Thank you for helping us spread our message: Innovating. Life-Saving. Patient Care!

Members of Mt. Calvary Mission Baptist Church received an AED from the Gootter Foundation. UA students trained the group about chest-compression-only CPR and using an AED.    UA student volunteers taught chest-compression-only CPR at Pueblo High School's Family Night.    Members of the Minority Outreach Program support clinical research and share heart health information in the community.    UA staff and volunteers helped produce a chest-compression-only CPR training video in American Sign Language.    UA staff and student volunteers produced CPR training materials in Spanish.    UA College of Medicine - Tucson medical students teach chest-compression-only CPR and conduct research as the REACT Group    Nancy Ermoian, volunteer, with Sarver Heart Center staff, Jenn Bunger and Katie Maass

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