Epinephrine Hurts Cardiac Arrest Survival?


Karl B. Kern and Gordon A. Ewy comment on study on cardiac arrest and epinephrine use

UA College of Nursing Professor Ruth Taylor-Piliae Receives AHA 2014 Stroke Article of the Year Award


This annual award recognizes the scientific and clinical contributions of cerebrovascular nurses in promoting AHA goals and excellence in cerebrovascular nursing science; Dr. Taylor-Piliae was recognized for her article about the effects of Tai Chi on older stroke survivors.

CPR Phone Guidance Boosts Cardiac Arrest Survival


Talking bystanders through CPR methods for a cardiac emergency during a 911 call can significantly boost survival rates.

How to Follow a Low-Cholesterol Diet


Reduce your heart attack and stroke risk by keeping to a diet low in cholesterol.

AZ Research Shows 9-1-1 Dispatchers Giving CPR Instruction Saves Lives


Guidelines For Bystanders Before Responders Arrive Cited at Heart Association Meeting

Arizona Research Shows Dispatchers Giving CPR Instruction Saves Lives


Emergency dispatchers providing life-saving CPR instructions to 9-1-1 callers prior to first responders arriving on scene dramatically increases survival from the leading cause of death, cardiac arrest, according to Arizona research.

Beyond "Fed Up": Take Steps to Reduce Sugar in Your Diet


What are ways you can reduce sugar consumption?