Sarver Heart Center Board

The Sarver Heart Center Board is a statewide group that provides input to Sarver Heart Center about community needs and perceptions, and helps the Center connect with people and groups around Arizona. 

The University of Arizona Sarver Heart Center
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Kalidas Madhavpeddi
Board Chair

I am continually impressed and inspired by the research and community outreach efforts of the Sarver Heart Center.  As a donor and congenital heart disease survivor, I know the importance of this work first-hand and am personally grateful to be a part of it.

Sarver Heart Center members share their time and expertise with our communities. Attending tours and events gives us a rare opportunity to see how the Sarver Heart Center works to research causes and develop cures for cardiovascular disease. 

Kalidas has served as Board Chair since 2010.  

Mary Anne Fay
Past Chair
SHC Women’s Heart Health Education Committee

In 2004, Dr. Gordon A. Ewy, Director of the University of Arizona Sarver Heart Center, identified cardiovascular disease in women as a top priority. The researchers and physicians of the Center have worked with laser-like focus on this important initiative.

Through contributions from you and those like you, critical financial resources have been put to excellent work. Through generous investment from an incredible 268 different families and organizations, we have established the nation’s first endowed chair specifically to study gender and cardiovascular disease. We have provided seed grants to research teams investigating heart disease in women from diverse ethnic backgrounds. And, lastly, we have worked to educate thousands of women about their own cardiovascular risk factors.

We have done so much in a very short time, but there is still a great need for resources to continue to make progress. My husband Mark and I committed a gift to help fund much-needed research that will deepen our understanding of this disease and how best to prevent the ravaging effects on women.

Thank you for your support of this critical initiative.

Mary Anne served as Chair of the Women's Heart Health Education Committee from 2004 - 2016.

Wanda Moore
SHC Community Coalition for Heart Health Education for Women of Color

Women's Heart Health Education Committee

Heart disease is the number one killer of women, surpassing all forms of cancer combined! With your support, we hope to further the realization that heart disease in women, especiallly women of color, carries a special set of challenges that requires significant research.

Though the Sarver Heart Center has made significant advances in the detection and treatment of heart disease, we continue to lose too many mothers, sisters and daughters to this killer. Additional research, specifically in heart disease in women, is one of our top priorities.

Remember that a healthy lifestyle is an important component to your own “future free of heart disease and stroke.”

On behalf of the University of Arizona Sarver Heart Center, and the Community Coalition for Heart Health Education for Women of Color, thank you for your interest in supporting heart health research and education in women.

Wanda has served as Chair of the SHC Community Coalition for Heart Health Education for Women of Color since 2009.

She has served as Co-Chair of the Women's Heart Health Education Committee since 2019.

Watch a video she produced on CPR Disparities in Minority Communities.

Wanda was honored with a Governor's Volunteer Services Award in Arizona in 2014. Watch a video about her achievements.


Director, University of Arizona Sarver Heart Center
Professor, Medicine, College of Medicine – Tucson
Chief, Division of Cardiology

Physician Executive, Advanced Heart Program, Banner University Medical Group, Phoenix
Professor of Cardiothoracic Surgery, University of Arizona College of Medicine - Tucson

Senior Vice President, Health Sciences
Professor, Medical Imaging
Professor, Surgery
Professor, Medicine

Vice Dean, Innovation and Development
Department Head, Cellular and Molecular Medicine
Director, Molecular Cardiovascular Research Program
Co-Director, Sarver Heart Center
Professor, Cellular and Molecular Medicine
Professor, Molecular and Cellular Biology
Professor, BIO5 Institute

Professor, Medicine
Chair, Sarver Heart Center Resuscitation Research Group
The Gordon A. Ewy, MD, Distinguished Endowed Chair for Cardiovascular Medicine, UA College of Medicine

Members Include

Joseph Alpert, MD

Robert M. Charles, Jr.

Leo F. Corbet

Pamela J. Davis, MD

David L. Earnest, MD

Mary Anne Fay
Emeritus Board

Sandra W. Fleming
Emeritus Board

Nina R. Gibson, PhD

James W. Gieszl

Joseph G. Gootter

Charles W. Hall, III
Emeritus Board

Sheldon King

Linda Lee

Humberto S. Lopez
Board Chair Emeritus

James L. Madson

Andrew Messing

Jacquelyn M. Michelson
Emeritus Board

Allan Norville

Karen Pacheco

Barry Pomerantz, MD
W. Scott Robertson, MD
Paradise Valley

Herbert Rubin

Betty Anne Sarver
Robert G. Sarver
Paradise Valley

Richard G. Smith

Thomas W. Sullivan, Sr.

Ronald H. Walker & Anne C. Walker
Oro Valley
Emeritus Board

Kathleen Wishnick, Ed.D.

Morton L. Zimmerman
Green Valley

Katie Maass
Director, Communications & Public Education

Manon L. O'Connor
Senior Director, Development

Jennifer Bunger
Special Events Coordinator
Gilbert Maldonado
Executive Assistant
Charlotte Todd
Sr. Business Manager