College of Medicine

Arthur F Gmitro

I have been involved in medical imaging for over 30 years and have done research work in technology development in CT, MRI, and optical imaging. I have applied these technologies in clinical and research applications including neurological imaging, body imaging, and cancer. The focus of my research is on development of new imaging technologies and their application in basic and applied clinical science. A current area of research in my laboratory is in the development of optical biopsy systems for cancer detection.

Methajit Methawasin, PhD

Dr. Methawasin graduated from Medical School in Thailand, her home country, where she specialized in cardiac anesthesia. Although she had a stable career she wanted to contribute more through scientific research and decided to come to the United States to earn a PhD in cardiac physiology from the University of Arizona. She joined Dr. Granzier’s laboratory where she has been working as a Research Assistant Professor. She wishes to contribute in important ways to basic research with high clinical significance.


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