College of Medicine

Christopher T Banek, PhD

Research Interests

Our research team studies the role of the peripheral nervous system in the onset and progression of cardiovascular and renal diseases, such as hypertension and polycystic kidney disease. We apply a multi- systems, chronic experimental approach to determine the mechanisms of cardio-renal disease progression, as well as the application of a translational surgical approach (e.g. renal denervation) to modulate nerve activity for disease treatment.

Mohamed N Ahmed, MD


  • Suez Canal University, Ismailia, Egypt, (Medicine) 1987 (M.D.)
  • Suez Canal University, Ismailia, Egypt/Duke Med. Ctr. Durham, NC, (Genetics) 1996-2002 (Ph.D)
  • Duke Medical Center, Durham, NC, 1995-1998 (Medical Genetics, Fellowship) 
  • Duke Medical Center, Durham, NC,  1998-2001 (Neonatology, Fellowship)
  • University of Chapel Hill, NC  2001-2003 (Pediatrics, Resident)

Honors and Awards: 


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